First Post

I just really like this photo. If only I was on location. Photo by Bailey Zindel


This is hopefully the start of something awesome. I've owned this domain since October 2012, and am on the third major iteration of my personal website. However, this is the first time I have the faintest idea what this site is for. I always meant to make this my portfolio site, but I never made anything to fill it with. Now, I look at this as more of a repository to collect my thoughts and learnings as I traverse interesting topics, technologies, and ideas. That's going to be manifested here through blog posts and different projects. But honestly, I have no idea what I'm doing. The more I learn, the more I overwhelmingly see how much I just don't know. But that's okay, because I know that I know something, and that's where I'll start.

So what kind of "thoughts and learnings" can we expect to see on this site? For one thing, how I'm making this site! I'm currently using React and Tailwind CSS for the major scaffolding and styling of the frontend, and right now there is no backend. As this site grows and expands, I plan to document how I'm making that happen. In terms of other projects, my main focus right now is building a turn-based strategy game with a development title of Project MMHG. [Edit 2/5/2021: I have since focused my efforts on another project.] Expect a lot of game design and development thoughts as I learn just how hard it is to make and publish a game. Lastly, I am currently studying for a master's in User Experience Design from MICA, and will hopefully get around to posting about what I've learned throughout the course of the degree.

This site is going to change a lot and I expect it to be barely recognizable a year from today--and that's the point! I am purposely putting an in-development product out so that I can get feedback, learn, and improve. And it all begins now.